Effortless Enrolment, doesn't that sound dreamy?

Kindermusik should be fun for the whole family... and that includes you! I want to take away all the pain and stress of re-enrolling and paying your fees, so that you have the ease of set-and-forget simplicity. Enrol once, set up payment once, done. So how do we do this? Easy!

Automatic Re-enrolment
Remember when you thought that enrolment form would never end? All. The. Questions. Thank you for providing me with all the details I needed to get you started on your journey, you're already enrolled and you'll never need to enrol again.

  • Welcome to the family, you're automatically re-enrolled until you say stop
  • Change class day/time any time you need to, providing there's a space
  • Going on holiday/need to take a break? No problem - suspend your enrolment with two weeks notice in writing, your fees will be pro-rated (fees consist of a tuition component and a resource component, see the fees page for breakdown)
  • Finished your Kindermusik journey? Opt out with one month's notice in writing (email or text message)


Monthly Automated Payment System
A million different payment plans, deposit up front, bank transfers, invoices, cash on the day, pay in full... #TooManyOptions #NotEnoughTimeBetweenClasses #AdministrativeNightmare #Help!
Running a studio is a lot like running a household, just with more kids. There's bills to pay, a never ending mountain of instruments and toys to clean and put away, dishes, toilets, baby spew, unexplained puddles, laundry, sweet little sticky faces and fingers, a million things to remember... and a whole lot of love, joy, hugs and kisses all contained in the one place. You and me both have enough to keep us occupied until the kids move out without having to figure out your fees as well!
New system: one option, monthly payment. {Insert huge sigh of relief here.}

  • Your regular four school terms added up and divided by 12 payments
  • One payment of $60.00 per month, every month, paid one month in advance (6 payments per semester)
  • Pay from your choice of bank account or credit card
  • No additional direct debit set up fees, transaction fees or credit card surcharges - I'll pay all of these
  • Choose email or SMS payment reminders
  • Your payment information is safely stored with Ezidebit, a PCI Level 1 (highest global security rank) payment service provider backed by a Fortune 1000 company. https://www.ezidebit.com/pci-compliance

Have Questions?
That's ok! Simply shoot me an email or text with your questions or concerns and I will happily put your mind at ease.

Set and forget. Ahhhhhh, that feels better. Now we can all concentrate on making magical, musical memories with the most precious little people in your life.