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Ages 3 - 5 years.
Attendance alone, with parent or carer joining in the last 15minutes of class.
Enrolment per 18 week semester. (2 x terms)
Enrol at any time, your fees will be adjusted accordingly.

$360 per semester paid by direct debit (6 x $60.00 monthly payments per semester, paid one month in advance)

Each term includes:

18 x weekly lessons

1 x set of home materials: home activity book, two story books from class, one play set, age-appropriate instrument

Imagine That backpack with your first semester

Classroom consumables


A blanket becomes a superhero's cape. A cardboard box doubles as a castle. Pots and pans become a drum set. And they sing ALL THE TIME. Sound like someone you know? Every day brings a new discovery as your preschooler slowly opens the doors of individuality and independence.
Using the power of music, Kindermusik's Imagine That! taps into your preschooler's creative spirit and boundless energy and focuses on developing their learning strengths and self-confidence so they'll be ready for school, prepared for future music lessons... or able to leap tall buildings.