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Aunty's Village

Kindermusik in Kallangur
early childhood music classes
for babies and children
from newborn to seven years old



Marina is a passionate musician. She believes music is food for the soul and every musical diet should include lots of different genres. She loves the variety that comes with Kindermusik, from classical to jazz, calypso, tango, cha-cha, klezmer, popular, all around the world, every musical style, new and old!


Kindermusik is weekly, expert-led, group learning using musical play that develops confident, well-rounded, happy children and makes great parenting easier in their daily routines.


Music should be fun! Early, positive experiences help to build the foundations for future learning. We're building life skills, and helping to shape thoughtful, passionate human beings. Let's inspire a curiosity and love of music and learning that will leave a lasting impression on every Kindermusik Kid.